5 day week and NO patience left

I hate 5 day weeks. I wish it were practical to take enough strategically placed sick days to make every week less than 5 days. I was so shot today...and had no patience for the weekend-crazy nuisance children around me. I snapped, I barked, but I did have a very good lunch conversation with one of our most challenging. It was positive so I guess I will focus on that. And of course I can focus on the fact that I had 35 kids at outdoor club this week and had to add a second caving trip to accommodate the demand! 35!!! My always wonderfully-available partner in crime stopped by, which was good because I was intimidated for sure! He's even taking the second caving group, which means I don't have to lose two Saturdays...thank goodness! But 35! I didn't even have chairs for them all...and when we went outside some of them got poison ivy and I didn't get any angry parent phone calls! That's success, baby!

(I got poison ivy too, for the first time ever, but very mild and its mostly gone now.)