Good Things To Be Hooked On

I am so glad to have a week off. Part of vacation will be spent with friends and the cutest baby ever. The other part will be devoted to organizing...and art of course.

Latest obsession: sewing. It has been consuming all my home time, until yesterday when the piece I was working on went all wrong and I had to take half of it apart (the half that took me longer to do). Now I'm not so sure of myself but I will probably keep at it. This is the skirt I made on Sunday from of a vintage dress I got at a flea market.


Then I randomly got hooked on taking self portraits. Here are two.

dsc_0702-2dsc_0712And we had a nice valentine start to my vacation. Vday dinner was flat bread pizzas courtesy of Domino Magazine inspiration. (have I told you how much I am going to miss Domino??) B and I have been trying to eat lighter with more vegetables (fresh when possible) so this was along that theme. Out toppings were gruyere, goat cheese, arugula, prosciutto, and caramelized onions.