Tiny Art: The Powers' Collection

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Today’s collection is a new one: art on a boat!

Michael and Steve Powers spend at least half of each year living on a beautiful boat named Anastasia moving between the Caribbean and Southern California. On that boat is a lovely art collection inspired by the sea and Southern California. I emailed with Michael about her collection, how she started, and her involvement with the arts as she floated through warmed waters.

Michael started collecting art because it was her way of appreciating artistic talent. She enjoys collecting art that reflects her place in the world and reminds her of the places she loves. Her favorite piece is a small untitled, unsigned painting (above in the title image) because it intrigues her and triggers good memories. She thinks of roaming deserted beaches and climbing around the rocks finding sea glass treasures and shells. Her art also reminds her of the generations of coastal living in her family history and how the coast has always been their place in the world.

Part of her collection includes a few paintings from a plein air paint-out she hosted at Rancho Los Alamitos many years ago. Michael found 65 artists to participate in a week of paintings with an event for the public at the end. She has stayed in touch with many of them and collected their work over the years.

The painting in the upper left corner was painted near The Powers' home by Jeff Horn in 2012. 

The painting in the upper left corner was painted near The Powers' home by Jeff Horn in 2012. 

Her advice for starting your art collection?
Life is short -- buy what you love and cherish your memories.

What art tells your story? Leave a comment below describing how art connects you to your favorite memories and places.