Tiny Art: Linda Robertson's Collection

Linda’s art collection cannot be missed when you enter her lovely Portland home. Since Linda is an artist, beautiful art is everywhere and nearly arrests your curiosity with its variety and scale. But on a wall next to her kitchen is her small art collection and this wall draws you in with its tiny details and fascinating variety of shapes and mediums.

Linda told me that her first piece of small art was a tiny 3”x3” drawing of a girl playing with a hula hoop. She found it at a Portland Art Walk event in an artist’s studio. It brought her joy and cost only $25. Linda thought, “I have $25 and I could use it to buy lunch at a restaurant or I could buy this piece of art that will bring me joy for years to come.” So she bought it and her collection began.

A large portion of Linda’s collection has been purchased at Big 500, an annual fundraiser in Portland where all art is 8x8” and $40. Linda says the sale is a high point of her year because people are so excited to afford a small original. This type of fundraiser doesn’t pay the artists enough to sustain their careers, but it is the perfect way to start an art collection and get to know who’s work you most desire to have in your home.

Linda also pointed out that most artists will take payments towards a piece. She has many customers pay for medium and large pieces in installments. So when working with artists directly, don't forget about this option. 

Her advice for starting a collection? Pick art that makes you happy. You can match it to your couch if you like, but she prefers to curate based on taste alone.

Choosing to invest even a small amount of money in communities of real people is an investment in the furthering of cultural enrichment for all. When you choose to collect art you make it possible for that artist to continue making work that speaks to us and changes our perception of the world.

I hope this post helps you think about ways to support visual artists starting with your current budget. I will be back soon with another chat with another tiny art collector!

In the meantime, I challenge you to look around for tiny art. It’s more places than you think.

Find out more about Linda Robertson's work and workshops: Blog | Website

Do you already collect tiny art?? I want to hear from you! I would love to write about your collection and why you think tiny art is a great thing to support.

Contact me here if you have a tiny art collection you want me to feature!