Tiny Art Commissions Now Open

Commissioned art is one of the most intimate objects you can add to your home. When you reach out to an artist and ask them to create something thoroughly imbued with your story, you create a treasure for you and your family. Work that reflects some part of this journey we all take on earth is an heirloom for generations to come. I believe place-based, map art brings this to another level still.

My mom has two paintings by her grandparents, who were traditional plein air painters. The two paintings are of street scenes in Rockport, Massachusetts, a quaint and touristy New England seacoast town. The main feature of the town is a long pier of crowded buildings housing restaurants, candy shops, jewelry stores, and an awesome kayak rental shop. It is also home to the famous, Motif No. 1, a red fishing shack that claims to be the most painted building in the world.

I grew up visiting this town and remember trying to figure out exactly where my grandparents had stood to paint their chosen scenes. I can still walk those streets in my mind, with the hydrangea blooming by perfect white picket fences and pastel-colored houses. Crushed seashells line most of the garden pathways, which always seems decadent to someone residing away from the shore. As a teenager, I spent even more time in this area, paddling out into the ocean in sea kayaks and floating between the sailboats. It is a meaningful town for me.

Places are always going to be part of the human story and art that commemorates those stories is more meaningful still.

Commissioning art is a simple process. Right now I have a few slots for tiny art commissions open. My typical minimum for a commission is an 8x8” painting ($110), but right now I’m offering 10 slots for 4x4” ($40) commissions to celebrate this new website and my coming soon online store. I’ve streamlined the commission process and made it super easy to try it out with a tiny art piece of your favorite place.

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Limited Tiny Art Commissions