Cartographic Stories: Puget Sound

My friend Evan and her husband, Randy, recently bought a house in Tacoma, Washington. In a lot of ways it was a typical first home story, but in a lot of ways, it wasn't. Being in Tacoma and buying a house was in many ways the re-invention of their marriage.

The move and the purchase came after a year of living apart as Randy's job kept him in New Hampshire and Evan felt pulled to explore the west coast. Evan wrote about their re-commitment to each other in a beautiful post titled there will be no divorce. It is an inspiring story for all those who get that marriage isn't easy. It's also a beautiful story of love and friendship. Once they had made the decision to be together, Tacoma became the place where they really started building their life together.

Fast forward to this year, Evan and Randy collect tiny art (featured here) and commissioned a tiny piece of their new home in the context of the Puget Sound. Tacoma is the port city in the lower right corner, Seattle is peeking down from the upper right, and the lovely Olympic Peninsula begins off to the left. Evan wanted the painting to encompass the whole area because, for them, living in Tacoma isn't about the neighborhood they chose, it's about the whole beautiful setting.

Evan and I have basically the same perspective on manifesting. Manifesting feels a little "woo-woo" and I'm pretty sure most things come from hard work, but I also can't ignore the spiritual-yet-very-real evidence of what positive thinking can do.

I asked Evan for a story about their time living in Tacoma and she told me that their best memory so far was when she manifested a campsite. Camping was not something they did in New Hampshire, but it was an activity they took up when they arrived in the Pacific Northwest. But, as I well know, there are not many reservable campsites out west. Many are first-come, first-served and that can make planning a camping trip difficult. On this particular trip they had secured a reservable campsite a couple hours away, but as they drove to their destination they realized they were actually headed out into the desert where they were going to bake in 100-degree weather. So they turned around. Once home they decided to try their luck on a first come, first served spot on the peninsula. If they couldn't find something they would head back home. As they drove to some of the more remote campgrounds on the peninsula, Evan chanted "I'm manifesting a campsite. There is going to be a campsite." part in jest, part believing. They pulled in and there was an empty campsite. She checked the board and it was actually free and waiting for them.

Those are the memories that solidify our belonging to a place, aren't they? The lighthearted stories. The memories of being with people we love and pursuing life together.

My challenge to you:
Appreciate the little things. Whoever is in your life, love that they are there.